Learning Never Ends

 “The Day Program with a Difference!”

Learning Never Ends provides life-long learning and wellness opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our programs encourage and promote independence, self-determination and empowerment in a caring, safe and fun learning atmosphere.

We serve individuals who receive the I/O Waiver or the Level One Waiver.

Please contact us today at (614) 899-8100, to learn more or sign up.

Who Should Attend Our Day Program?

  • Individuals in transition from high school who want to continue education
  • Individuals who want to improve their learning skills and become more independent
  • Individuals who are looking for positive alternative ways to spend their time
  • Individuals who want to explore the community and learn how to access educational resources
  • Individuals who want to improve their health and wellness and quality of life
  • Individuals who want volunteer opportunities

Education Programs

Learning programs include Next Chapter Book Clubs, iPad Trainings, Computer Classes, Cooking Classes, American Sign Language, Current Events, Math Skills, Literacy Skills, Personal Safety, Life Skills, Independence, Social Skill Development, Self-Advocacy and Budgeting.

Volunteer Programs

Job Coaching/Training, Animal Care, Plant Care and Community Service Projects.

Health & Wellness Programs

Yoga, Aerobics, Swimming and Nutrition Classes, OSU Adapted Sports and Recreation, YMCA, Dance Lessons and Walking Club.

Creative Programs

Weekly Art Classes to include Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Mural Design, Lego Art and Crafts, Art Gallery Exhibits, Artwork Sales at Community Markets and Festivals, Poetry Club, Theatre Performances, and Music Activities.

Community Exploration

Weekly Trips to Libraries, Museums, Galleries, Parks and Movie Theatres, Shopping, Bowling, Picnics, Boating, Special Day Trips and many more interesting and exciting activities!

Sensory Program

Therapeutic Brushing, Tactile Awareness, Gross Motor Skill Development, Sensory Integration Room, Self-Calming Room.